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Introducing you to the new world of social commerce
24 hours a day, 365 days a year, morning, noon and night, modern people seem to have a reason to go shopping at any time!
Monday blue? -buy!
Wednesday is three days before the weekend-buy!
Treat yourself to a hard day after work on Friday-buy!
The peak of physical shopping has passed, and for consumers, the convenience of the online shopping environment can meet all needs and desires!
And for newcomers to e-commerce, do you know the keys to e-commerce success?
What kind of e-commerce system is right for you?
Let's find out about it!
E-commerce is a platform environment for selling, ordering, purchasing, operating, maintaining and querying via the Internet.
However, although shopping has become very easy, there are still many things that cannot be achieved, for example, there is no way to touch the material of the product itself, feel and confirm its thickness compared to the actual shopping method, but even so, the popularity of online shopping continues to grow, now let's explore the irreplaceable advantages and fascinating aspects of e-commerce.
1. Think outside the box and explore the world.
Opening a store online is very easy to connect with the world because there are no geographical restrictions! By sharing information about your store, anyone can become your potential customer.
2. You can buy at any time, or sell at any time.
In an online environment, your mall can trade anytime and anywhere as long as it is open, without being affected by time and cost. On the contrary, in a real store, you have to consider the cost of utilities, labor and other expenses.
3. Save unnecessary costs to do more valuable things.
It is very important for an entrepreneur to balance costs and revenues!
The actual store must take into account location, traffic, rent, utilities, hardware, and most importantly, personnel costs.
If you can't break even, or even if your expenses far exceed your income, you'll have to watch your capital continue to decline, but there's nothing you can do about it.
By using e-commerce to sell your goods, you may be able to save some of these costs, and if you wish, you can even use the savings to lower your prices so that your customers can buy better things at better prices
4. Website traffic costs money, but it can also help you make money. Let's build your sales channel through the online community.
The primary element that attracts people to gather in a brick-and-mortar store is the location. If the location is good, the exposure rate of people will increase, but relatively, the rental price will also become higher.
You can set up a store on the Internet and let a large number of consumers place orders at the same time without worrying about not being able to serve them, and also you can bring more exposure to your EC site through advertising, community sharing, and live streaming models.
Arkbeez offers a new option of ordering while live streaming. You can import live videos on your website so that your customers can watch your live videos while placing orders for their favorite products.
5. To show your brand style characteristics and create your exclusive online mall.
The style of the web page is determined by the properties of the mall, so the style and visual image can be changed very flexibly without doing a lot of decoration, the style of the web page can be changed at any time!
Arkbeez focuses on the easy-to-use RWD one-page system, which reduces the difficulty of web design and makes it easy for you to create image websites!
If you don't have time for image planning, Arkbeez partners also provide art editing and image planning design services to make it easy for you to open a store!
6. Focus on highlighting their products and reducing the phenomenon of contradictory choices.
In the e-commerce channel, there are many suppliers selling the same or similar products, so comparing prices has become the norm, and often consumers are always looking for bargains while ignoring the service and quality behind them.
You no longer have to worry about the above situation happening in your mall!
Arkbeez's system makes it easy for you to build a webpage, and on your sales page it's all about you!
No more similar products and bad markups to lose you customers, customers can stop the climbing mentality and focus on enjoying their shopping!
7. The era of community sharing, everyone is an opinion leader.
In the age of SNS, social posts have gone from informing one's status and saying what one wants to say to the actual meaning of running one's brand.
Make friends through the instinctive mindset of sharing good things.Arkbeez also strongly advocates sharing good things with friends!
Everyone can be their own KOL!
In the context of a hundred competing e-commerce companies, Akbeez has much more than that!
Want to know more aboutArkbeez Join us now! !
This is the first step to becoming a KOL!
Arkbeez has more features than you think, so sign up and experience it now!
Big data research on consumer behavior is our core value, and we developed Arkbeez , which can be used as a distribution management tool for suppliers and an order collection tool for group buyers, as well as an aggregation service between suppliers and group buyers.
About us
Arkkers international co., ltd (stock code 7523) Founded in January 2016 and located in Kaohsiung Software Park, we are an information technology company that provides comprehensive social e-commerce solutions.
Contact Information 8F-17, No.12, Fuxing 4th Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City|Contact:(07)3389121
Awards and Milestones Stock Code 7523, the 13th Annual Top Ten Enterprises "Golden Torch Award", the 18th "Golden Frontier Award - Small and Medium Enterprise Group" Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurial Models and Top Ten Outstanding Innovative Research and Development.
Ark International co., ltd has applied for and obtained several domestic and foreign e-commerce related patents to build a secure patent barrier.
  • TW/2016/No.M531620/e-shopping business platform
  • TW/2017/M538624/Internet Order Modification System
  • TW/2017/M539664/ Group Purchase Reservation System
  • CN/2017/No.ZL 2016 2 1215952.6Internet Order Modification System
  • TW/2018/M567922/shopping site profit sharing system
  • TW/2020/M589844/Distribution System
  • TW/2020/M589849/Live Commerce System