"Arkbeez Social Commerce" Management System

Whether you are a "supplier" or a "community seller", you can set it up in just a few steps

Social commerce is a new term that refers to a new e-commerce model that uses the community as a sales channel, it's new and it works, but it still takes a lot of work to succeed, now with the help of Arkbeez, you will never miss a golden opportunity to succeed in social commerce again!

Before starting,
We must first understand the "four issues"

Unlike "online sellers", community sellers are not suitable for selling on open platforms (such as ebay, Amazon, etc.), where it is often the price war that ultimately determines sales volume, which often leads to a rapid loss of social buyers' followers due to comparisons.

Community sellers are different from "online sellers". They are not suitable for selling products on open platforms (Xiapi, Rakuten, etc.), because open platforms ultimately determine the sales volume is often a price war, which often leads to rapid loss of community buyers and fans due to comparisons .

In traditional social e-commerce, community sellers not only have to share products, but sometimes even assist in collection, tally, and delivery. Not only does it have a heavy workload, but it also has to bear corresponding risks.

While e-commerce is booming, relevant tax laws are constantly being updated. In recent years, there have been many news that sellers have been fined. In addition to reimbursement, there is also a fine of up to 5 times the tax evasion. Don’t let your efforts be justified. Small money was spent.

Are you ready?!
Start your social commerce now!
Arkbeez is a platform that connects "suppliers" with "community sellers", no matter who you are, we can meet your needs!
I am a manufacturer or importer with good sources and would like to find a suitable community seller channel to sell my products.
Community seller
I want to find products that I can share and sell, and earn profits at 0 cost through the "No Inventory Selling Method".
I'm a marketing agency who wants to get better results for my clients and take my business to the next level by working together with Arkbeez.